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No event is complete without large screen entertainment, whether Live Band, Dance Party, Corporate Event . Lexx utilises a multitude of computer arrays, video mixers, and switching solutions to present, live video footage, computer generated graphics, video loops, & scratch video. While the switching unit is capable of 24 camera input usually 4 cameras give a nice feel to the ensemble. This video is controlled by remote Pan & Tilt hotheads, so that the live action can be tracked remotely. Also zoom in and out of both performers and crowd can be controlled and all projected for better audience visibility of close up action.Extremely useful for those bigger events, where not everyone can be in the front row.

Live action mixed into various layers with graphics can give a very fullsome feel to the whole proceedings. Especially so when using the keying facilities which enables the live action to be cut into computer imagery. Lexx can place a viewing audience right into the sea, into fire, even dancing on clouds.

Many of the facilities of the sequences that Lexx creates are controlled to suit the rhythm of the music, street lights that flash to the beat, houses destroyed by atom bombs immediately re-assemble between the beat, only to be destroyed again immediately afterwards, Watch Lexx send the sea back and forth in time with the sound. Endless variety, fantastic imagery, creative and unusual content. You change the sound, tempo rhythm, Lexx follows suit. What you feel, your gonna see too. Lexx can interact with the crowd, talk directly to the audience via text onto the screens. Its up to you guys.

What you want to see, well, thats what you get. Straight video switching, for Bands & Gigs. Freaky trippy visuals for Dance Parties & Raves. Mixtures of anything and everything. Organise it before, or just "feel it and go for it"

Lexx has commissioned custom built software for many of his more outrageous effects. It has been designed and built around his own extreme and peculiar requirements. Many of the effects and complexities of visual imagery he uses, can only be seen at a Lexx Loothaw Gig, where powerful computer mapping, controlled by a crazy mind takes over reality and transports an audience to the other side.

The Visuals can be projected onto a multitude of screen mediums. Lexx can supply a range of shapes and sizes from rectangular to circular to polygonal. Popular sizes range from 8m wide down to 2m wide. Multi screen projections can be produced also, with many different sets of screens throughout the venue, front to back, side to side, with mixtures of shapes, each displaying different imagery, all moving to the beat, constantly evolving, under the ever watchful eye of Lexx Loothaw......