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Lexx's Superb Stereoscopic 3D projection system is truly state of the art and is usually projected onto a custom made 10 ft x 7.5 ft projection screen. Lexx is currently the only known touring VJ with "Stereoscopic 3D in-your-face suspended in mid-air & over-your-head" mindblowing beat matched visual projections.

Oh yes ! If Lexx has brought his Stereoscopic 3D System and you are in a 40m long venue then you can be sure that pushing out into space 10m from the front of the screen, in mid air Lexx will have some pulsating, gravity defying trippy Three Dimensional visuals. Spheres, Cones, Boxes, Balls, Animated Text, Faces, Dice, Skulls, Lights, Lightning, Mist, even Skeletons dancing in Three Dimensions to name but a few. All bright, crystal clear, and matched perfectly with the rhythm, dancing to the beat. The music slows, the show slows. The music stops. The show stops.

Its true to say that if the screen is mounted low enough, guests can walk right through the images or walk up to them and hold them in space !

What is that cheesy old phrase ? "It has to be seen to be believed" ? - You bet your sweet boots it does !

Lexx's Stereoscopic 3D Projection is ideally suited to both real-time interactive visualisation and replay of stereo video. The Image sequences he uses include both real-time video and 3D graphics, as well as channels that mix and scratch multiple layers of video in real-time. It is ideal for use in a range of venus from small Conference type facilities to Research Labs, Large Exhibitions, Corporate Events Theatre Productions, Clubs & Dance Parties.

In order to see the effect of the 3D, Stereoscopic Polarising Glasses are made available as simple card disposable items. For Promoters & Party Organisers these card glasses can even be customised with logos and contact details.

Lexx has a dedicated delivery platform for cutting-edge 3D Stereoscopic visuals for any environment, stretching the boundaries of what is possible with today's technology and employing the latest 3D techniques juxtaposed with more traditional video loops.

The Supercomputer system he uses is designed to be extremely responsive to audio inputs and creates no perceivable lag between sound and visuals, as you would expect. Thus a very tightly synced and highly compelling performance is created. What else do you deserve........?

Taking Visuals to the Next Level......

Lexx Faktor