Lexx Facktor




Leading Video Jockey Lexx Loothaw specialising in cutting edge visual entertainment, produces a second to none visual spectacle. Either projecting onto 2D screens, or 3D screens to allow an audience with viewing glasses to experience Images hanging in the air overhead, or extending into tunnels from the rear of the projection screen and far back into space. Providing multi-screen projections, using rectangular, square, round and polygonal screens, sometimes all in the same venue is truly the second most enjoyable experience in life.

As comfortable behind the Camera, shooting film, as he is at the mixing console, or the editing suite, Lexx will shoot film and video, (both mono & stereoscopic) for use in video clips, sequence loops and with use of either the Linear or Non-Linear editing suite in post production, produce complete adverts, band footage, concert gigs, and dance party DVD's. If its Visual.......it's Lexx.

Its more than fair to say that Lexx immerses himself in the entire experience believing that Beat-Matched-Visuals are as important as the very sound itself. If it doesnt move with the sound, then its not good enough. Gone are the days of low production values. Todays audience demands the very best visual extravaganza, and with the latest technology available, Lexx will produce the most Memorable, Fantastically Dazzling, Explosive, and often amusing entertainment.

Lexx believes that the experience has to be dynamic and variable. He acheives this by mixing Live Footage, with State of the Art Visuals and Computer Graphics in multi layer combinations. Using the intensive computer arrays for which he has had software specifically written, Lexx is able to map live video footage into the most extraordinary situations, otherwise not acheivable by mere mortals.

Never one to stand still, ever reaching beyond for more and more to give to the party scene, with his eyes fully open and Watching You, he has added both Mono and Full Colour Indoor Laser and also massive 40 Watt Outdoor Laser shows ito his repertoire......

What more is there to say ?

Lexx is Watching You !