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Lexx specialises in a broad range of laser based events. Dance parties, Raves, Gigs, Music Videos, College Balls, Film productions, TV Adverts, Summer Concerts, Trades, Festivals, Corporate Events, Business & Store openings, Car launches, Private Parties, Christmas Lights Switch-ons, even the occaisional Wedding.

Lexx can create Artwork, designs & Graphics for laser projection and can use either his Mono (Green) or Full Colour (White Light) Lasers to create the desired effect. Hundreds of animations are available which are able to be used either alone or with corporate logos.

The two basic methods of viewing Lasers are either to see the image projected onto a surface, where the shape of the logo/object/text or animation can be seen & read or as beams, where the onlooker views towards the laser and sees the beams. This is the most fabulous & satisfying view for all those Gigs & Dance Parties. Check out Lexx's picture Gallery "Dizstruxshon 16 NYE " and see the "New Years Eve 2005/6" on "Lexx TV"

Indoor & outdoor Lasers both are both available. The highest power Laser Lexx uses is a 40W YAG and is obviously for outdoor spectaculars only. It can be seen for up to 20 miles from the venue and the aerial beams are often the subject of discussion many days after the event.

Lasers can be projected onto a multitude of surfaces as well as buildings and the night sky. Angled mirrors can be arranged to bounce the light all around a venue, mirror balls to disperse the beam into fragments, onto invisible net screens, and water sufaces such as fountains & water walls. The possibilities are endless, limited only by imagination.... oh and good sense, of course !

Impressive & Awesome Ultimate Experience...........

Lexx Faktor
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