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Video production covers a multitude of options, especially when combined with VJ services. Gigs, Festivals & Dance parties can be filmed with Multi-Camera setups and then combined with Stereo Sound to give a faithful reproduction of the entertainment. Lexx can then cut this footage using the editing suite facilities in his Studio, either using Linear or Non-Linear methods and release it as a professionally mastered DVD.

Lexx will provide a mixture of fixed & mobile camera locations, some of which can be controlled from a central console, to Pan. Tilt & Zoom the cameras, so all of the action is captured from all directions. This way Lexx catches all of the nitty-gritty close up action.

Post-production editing can then refine all of the captured footage, allowing edit actions to occur on the beat, so the entire result of sound & vision moves as one complete dynamic experience. This means long shots, moving shots, tracking shots & close up camera action can all be intertwined and cut to suit the mood and the rhythm of the event. Lexx can then apply all manner of post production effects to the footage from simple visual transitions, through picture in picture mulit angle shots, to complex image manipulation and particle effects.DVD mastering & duplication facilites all complete the process. mmmm Lovely !

For those live band Gigs. Lexx can camera shoot live, and edit on the fly, switching between multi camera locations, from long shot to close ups. Even do Visual mixes live, presenting multi angle shots on the same screen. Switching angles on the beat, zoom in on solo artists and provide a complete edited on the night result, coupled with strereo dolby or even surround sound. And of course Lexx can project it all live onto big screens for an audience. Use the "Lexx TV" Flash Player in the galleries section to play "Dizstruxshon Anthem" which Lexx created for VJ use as the opening sequence of the Dizstruxshon Dance Parties.

And,... wait for it..... Mix fantasic VJ footage with it Live ! ....... but you'll have to check out the 2D VJ section for that.

Streaming video can also be provided on the night, allowing the whole event, with live switching and editing on the fly to be broadcast over the internet. Alternatively, pictures and internet suitable video can be produced for use on websites. Well,.... lets put it this way,

"if its Visual and you want it ...You got it !"